We have supplied a machine for the production of LA MASQUE DE FRANCE for the company SMARTCITY CAMPUS based in Rambouillet (FR).


Our machine was the first machine with which the production of these masks, with a filtration level of 99.6%, has starded


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We have installed, at the "LE CABANON" company of Camaret sur Aygues (FRANCE) which produces tomato derivatives, a complete production line for ketchup as a single block which carries out refilling using the weighing system, inserted within a clean room built by LS. After the filling and capping phase, pasteurization is carried out within a tunnel which already belonged to the client and which has been modified, serviced, brought up to conforming standards, and installed with our new line. Another new pasteurization tunnel has been installed on the same line for other types of sauce. Next, there is an external drier for the containers, the labeller, positioning within the bundles, and palletization using a robotic arm palletizer, the transfer of pallets using an automatic transporter on tracks and subsequent wrapping in heat shrink film. All the machines are connected by conveyor belts, also built by LS.


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At the "LAFUMA" company, international leader in the production of mountain clothing, we have installed 4 operator stations for the assembly of camping mats, and automated the handling, packaging into cartons, palletization and cling filming, through the use of Anthropomorphic Robots.


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We have designed a single unit called "MONOBLOCCO" which encompasses the functions of rinsing, refilling and capping, dramatically reducing the stop times of individual units in the most important and vital parts of the bottling process. Available as many different models, with a production capacity of 1,000 to 36,000 bottles an hour in PET or GLASS, it can be used for Water - Soft Drinks - Beer - Fruit juice - Oil - Wine - Milk.

The machine is completely made out of stainless steel AISI 304, and those parts in contact with the product in AISI 316 and other materials conforming with FDA regulations. The format changes and substitution actions of interchangeable equipment have been conceived for speed and a low impact on production.


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We have installed, at the PIZZA DE MANOSQUE company in France, a rolling mill for the calibration of dough, with a cutting system including recovery of the offcuts. Then we dose tomato sauce in a uniform manner, as well as other ingredients. We have installed 8 operator stations for finishing off the ingredients and subsequently, the pizzas enter into an industrial wood oven which guarantees cooking with the typical flavour of an Italian pizza.


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Palletization using an anthropomorphic robot arm, even with made to measure auxiliary grippers, allows for positioning the product in such a manner as to exploit the volume of the pallet to the maximum in a bespoke way; a capability not to be found in traditional palletizers.


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