Machines designed and manufactured by LS follow the prescriptions of Directive 2006/42/E, called the "Machinery Directive" and adopted in Italy with Legislative Decree 17/2010. Furthermore, the indications of European regulations applicable to the sector and type of machine put on the market, are complied with for each project.

The Declaration of Conformity and the CE mark applied by the company is the result of a careful evaluation of risks, above all carried out in the designing phase; safety is not only a legal obligation, but also an essential factor.

All of which is aimed at lowering risk, reducing residual risks to a minimum, paying particular attention to the proposals of new technology with the purpose of safeguarding all those exposed to various types of risk from the machine, such as operators and maintenance personnel.

This aspect, when well managed, has the indirect result of protecting our client, who is often also an Employer and who will introduce safe and reliable machines into his productive cycle.